The Educational Martin Bigler – Newsletter No 3

Welcome to your next issue of my Educational Newsletter.
The Educational Newsletter No 3
In this newsletter you will read
1. Introduction and Follow Up
2. How to Build Squeeze Pages Easy
3. Your Testimonial
4. Past Issues
5. Resources and Recommended tools
1. Introduction and Follow up
The domain is reactivated again. In case you did not get my mail with the correct links,
I met them again below under Resources for your easy reference.
To avoid sleepless nights, sweat and trouble, please take my advice and keep exact records of all expiry dates
of any program you own or pay for.
I just learned it the hard way and it cost me quite some effort and money to get back on track again.
OK, that’s over and done!

Let’s move forward and tackle my selected themes now.

2. How to Build Squeeze Pages Easy
First some basics about Squeeze Pages. What are they?
A “Squeeze Page” – also called “Splash Page” or “Lead Capture Page” – is a sales letter that has only one purpose:
to create a good reason for a visitor to give you their email address and permission to continue contacting them.
These pages are usually just one page, but can also be a long sales letter. The length does not matter. The important thing is that it works.
You can use Squeeze Pages as a preliminary page before someone reaches your sales letter, so that you can continue to follow up with them.
Or it is a signup for your Newsletter, Ezine or a Membership site.

Why use a Squeeze Page?
It is a known fact that most people visiting a site, no matter how good your sales letter is and even if they liked the content,
they will not buy at this first time. What is the reason for that? Think a second how you react yourself!
Do you buy from a stranger just because it is nice, interesting, maybe you like it? NO, YUO DON’T!
Because you have no relationship and you want to be comfortable and have trust.
Gathering the information from your prospect allows you to follow up and create a relationship and build up credibility.
Almost for sure your first visitor will come back to your website or open your mail. Just because they start to know you.
What is the structure of a “Lead Capture Page”?
– An attention grabbing headline with some eye catching sentences
– A good text to create curiosity
– A clear defined benefit for the subscriber or buyer
– A call to action
– Social proof as to the value of the offer (testimonials) – maybe some other tips, bonuses. The stronger the benefit, the more the prospect will continue to read…

How can you create Value or Curiosity?
This is the KEY ITEM that will decide how effective your Squeeze Page is converting. You need to create a desire, better a strong desire within the prospect, that your offer or product is something they just MUST HAVE. For example offer them
– An eCourse, a sample chapter of an eBook- A free or limited version of a software product – A free Silver Membership valued $ 97.
For example I offer exactly this to my subscribers. Use short bullet points with a hook built in. That is the best way to get desire and attention.
A strong Call to Action!
Make sure there is no doubt what the prospect has to do next. Tell them in detail, tell them to sign up now, that they must start right now to get what they so desperately want, etc. Maybe you can hook them with an instructional or informal video after the sign up (on your thank you page). Just be creative!

Your Follow Up.
To handle the signups you need a good autoresponder. Do not safe here, get one of the best! I use Aweber but GetResponse is also top. You can check for more information going to my free report “Introduction to Autoresponders”. After you have crafted the follow up messages and loaded them up to your autoresponder well in advance, you can relax. This allows your prospect to get an immediate response and this helps to build credibility and start the relationship properly. Just make sure to keep uploading good content to your autoresponder on and on again.

Test, Test, Test!
You need to know how your site works where the visitors click and how long they stay on your site. “Split Testing” is a constant and ongoing process. Having two almost identical sites and then testing each of them (split testing) will tell you which one works better. So you go on to tweak the other one with some small changes, even only one other word, until you get good results.
A good conversion (click thru rate till signup, etc.) is between 5-20 %. For the beginning around 2 % is also fine but it needs some improvement over the time. I recommend PRO TRACKER PLUS, which is very good and offers a free option too. You find the link under resources and I also offer a short eCourse about tracking. .

The main goal of a Squeeze Page is to capture the visitor and get him to sign up for your newsletter, an eCourse or lead him to a paid product, which you offer after the sign up on your thank you page.

Here are some other examples I have done myself or within a program I own. Please judge for yourself. The sites are not perfect but convert quite well, so I leave them unchanged.

I have combined it directly with a “Thank You Page” offering an eCourse and also a free eBook. The visitor has two options:
1. Sign up for the eCourse through the opt-in form or
2. Only download the f.ree eBook and click away. The eBook contains also some of my links and a Bonus, which means, I might still get a sale later on….

There is also a direct link to my “CBmall Storefront” with the intention to get the visitor to check out what about the eCourse might be. Finally I have my pic and two banners at the bottom of the page. Look out for the “Peel Away Ad” on top right which is another sales agent….
Or this one, leading to my eCourse about “Articles & Email Power”.
Or these two “Lead Capture Pages”

Did you notice the small and powerful details and especially the perfect mix? Be critical and check every word or picture. In my opinion, the 2nd one is a master piece in creating the desire to get the hands on all these FREE Videos and Learning Tools…
I think you got the picture and the ideas. If you want to play around, do not spend money or too much time! Download a free HTML editor (they offer good tutorials) such as NVU. There are many others, do some Google Search if you prefer.
Then surf on a Traffic Exchange and look out for a Splash- or Squeeze Page you like, safe it to your Desktop or to My Websites. Open the HTML Editor, go to the file where you saved the website and open it. Just play around and change the text or wording within the website (not in the HTML, this will happen automatically).
With TEtoolbox it’s even easier. Get in, use the offered resources and graphics, safe, take the created URL and advertise it. Finished. TEtoolbox is easy to use and inexpensive. You don’t need to buy a domain, pay for hosting, and buy scripts to get these tools.
Now I let you try and play. Again, please do not pay for any programs or resources since all of them offer a f.ree and excellent options. Try it out and quit what you don’t like. But if you feel comfortable with a program, stay with it and then an upgrade usually opens many more features for a small amount of money.

Sorry for so many links but I feel it is the best way to get acquainted and to get the feeling. If you have questions or when you get stuck, do not hesitate to mail me.

3. Your Testimonial
I would be glad to receive you testimonial which I offer to publish on my website or at, together with your pic and link if you prefer. Of course only with your explicit authorisation.

4. Past issues and your feedback
You can download the past issues of my Newsletter as a Website or in PDF Format …
Download Past Newsletters
Feel free to invite your friends who can sign up at my Website.
Your feedback is appreciated.

5. Resources and Recommended Tools
The Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook (zip-file)
The 7 Keys To Success (zip-file)
HTML Editor my version (zip-file)
Article Submitter (Free) and Article Video Robot
Tracking with ProTrackerPlus
My free PTP-eCourse (need signup)
Traffic Exchanges – Ilovehits – Hitpulse – Startxchange
Autoresponder Aweber
My free Report “Introduction to Autoresponders” (zip-file).

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my ecourse. Please look forward to more on List and Website Building, how to get Content and Free Websites…

Martin Bigler

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