Martin Bigler – The Educational Newsletter No 4

The Educational Newsletter No 4
Published by Martin Bigler
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Welcome to your next issue of my Educational Newsletter.

The Educational Newsletter No 4
In this newsletter you will read
1) Introduction
2) How to overcome distractions
3) The 5-day WhiteDoveBooks Special Offer
4) PushButtonHealth has RE-OPENED – WOW!
5) Clickbank – Your best Choice as Affiliate
6) Past Issues and your Feedback
1) Introduction
Thank you for reading my Educational Newsletter today. A special welcome to the many new subscribers, who joined the Newsletter since the last issue. I am honoured and promise to give my best advice, information and special offers when I feel it will be of value for you and your business.

2) How to overcome distractions
I was very busy reorganising my business matters and again got taken by surprise how many items
I have downloaded, not used, started but not finished and some of them were already trash,
no more of interest. Even if I try best, I also get distracted and I have to fight quite hard
to keep my plan and line.

I have put a white board in front of my working place and written on it all my VIP and PRIORITY
tasks in different colours. There is also my slogan

“Nothing is done if it’s not done – Keep focussed!”

I also wrote down my firm decision to finish my tasks one after the other without
even looking at all the hype coming in all day. This already led to several cancellations
of free and paid programs, newsletters and email campaigns I do not profit from.

My Conclusions:
– write down all your memberships, products etc., in a matrix table (excel-sheet),
qualify them and mark the best ones you like to stay with;
– look at the earning potential and stick only with those which come up to your expectations.
Be fair and do not set your goals too high but keep in mind your time investment;
– decide for the no 1 priority and niche.
– draw a plan how you will work and push it to success. Go on
step by step and KEEP FOCUSSED. Only when your first business
is successful and meeting all your targets, then and only then go on to the next priority.
– It is essential to have several income streams. So if the first one is running successfully,
you can go on and build another business in the same manner.

3) The 5-day White Dove Books Special Offer
In the last issue I drew your attention to the excellent library of White Dove Books.
I am very passionate about Personal Development.
Therefore, I have arranged it so that you can get the full Life Coaching program from
White Dove Books. I can thoroughly recommend this excellent program and I know you will be
absolutely delighted.

4) PushButtonHealth has RE-OPENED – WOW!
You already know that I like PLR-Products, eBooks and Article Writing.
If you have been waiting to join PushButtonHealth, one of the greatest resources of PLR products
in the Health and Fitness Market, I have great news for you!
There are new Membership Spots that have JUST become available.They were recently not accepting
new members as their member cap was filled. I was really lucky to be in at the right time.
But now, Push-Button-Health opened again. Expect these spots to fill up FAST.
If you want over $ 1000 worth of exclusive Private Label Health and Fitness Products plus content,
websites, graphics, etc. every month, don’t wait a moment longer!
This is exclusively written content for PHB members only which means that only a small part
of the internet community gets access trough the PBH membership.
Conclusion: You are always ahead of the crowd, exclusively one of the first to offer prodcucts
in this ever growing Health and Fitness Market.
PBH also offers a great Affiliate program which you might consider to join.
I use it myself and it works great. As a member you get really every month total new and
fantastic products to market. Personally, I recommend PBH as one of the best income creating
possibility on the market. And that is why I decided to make it my No ONE Priority!

5) Clickbank – Your best Choice as Affiliate
Your dream to Work from Home and make a living with your online business can become true,
just opt for the best options available!
If you are a beginner and have not too much spare money to spend for a big start up,
then Clickbank is THE RIGHT PLACE to look closer at.
The Clickbank homepage explains all the essentials. After logging in, start selecting
and browsing products for your promotional purpose. There are 9 categories to choose from.
In case, you are already managing a business or a special niche,
the best would be to select a category that is closest to these products you are dealing with.
BUT DO NOT BUY at this stage, you probably would only waste money into wrong ideas and products
or you will get distracted. Just stick to your plan to build up a strong business as an
affiliate with Clickbank products.
Browsing through the 9 categories, you will find the most popular products in the 1,2 rankings.
Click the pitch page to see the copy of sales page and ask yourself,
if you would be interested in buying from this page or not. If the answer is yes,
you can start with it.
Have a close look at the emphasis of the page, bonuses offered (not old trash products),
testimonials and a clear call to action, i.e. to push the buy button.
Besides the products for promotion, the next and probably most important factor is the
commission the merchant is offering to his affiliates. Clickbank has more than 10,000 digital
and downloadable products in its marketplace, which are usually paying to the affiliate commissions
between 50-75% of the product price.
Excellent promotional tools and assistance provided is another very important point.
The merchant must offer a good variety of tools to the affiliates so they are able to
get started fast, promote the product best possible and deliver good sales.

The tools to select should at least be:
– prewritten emails, safelist mails and ezine articles
– signature, forum and website ads
– banners in different shapes and sizes
– HTML code to cloak your Clickbank link ID
– any other tools to attract buyers

Then use the given promotional material to get started. Send a mail to your list;
modify the affiliate website to your name and links (if given by the merchant).
Otherwise set up a simple Squeeze Page with a short product description
using dot points and link it to the Clickbank product.
You can use a simple free tool from TEtoolbox or Instant Squeeze Page Generator.

Both are free, easy and fast to set up. Then just drive traffic to your Squeeze Page and you will soon see the first commission on your Clickbank account. Good luck!
You can get further information here: ClickBank Step by Step as well ClickBank Profit Pack  I hope this is plenty of useful tips and information.
Take your time to read into it and get out of it what is best for you.
Also consider Article Writing and submit them to as many Directories possible.
This will earn you traffic and a reputation in your niche.
Stay tuned for the next issue of my Educational Newsletter.
We will go more in depth with Article writing then.

Thanks and kind regards, Martin Bigler

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